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How HEAT® works with Law Enforcement...

HEAT® partners with law enforcement across the state by providing the general public a 24/7 confidential toll free tip line to report auto theft related crimes in Michigan. While we encourage the public to report what they know as soon as possible, (thieves act quickly and discreetly), HEAT® can assist in an investigation by accepting a tipster’s information at any point during an auto theft investigation. Even information given directly to a police officer by someone on the street can be eligible for a HEAT® reward as long as the information leads to the arrest of an individual committing an auto theft related crime. HEAT® also provides law enforcement with the opportunity to offer a cash incentive to informants in exchange for information.

Law enforcement liaisons in the community can be equipped with free HEAT® materials and videos to help them spread information about the program to citizens, block clubs, neighborhood watch groups and in the schools.

HEAT® representatives participate actively in law enforcement organizations and events, such as the Southeast Michigan Chiefs or Police, the Michigan Sheriff’s Association and the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, in order to provide support for these groups and highlight the partnership opportunities with HEAT®.




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"I saw you featured on Fox 2 Detroit recently and decided to report some suspicious activities in the park across from my house and the culprits were caught red-handed stealing my neighbor's car the very next week. Thanks for helping to make Michigan a safer place to live! I will be telling all of my friends!"

- Anonymous Tipster
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