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HEAT® Safety Tips

Tips on keeping your car and belongings safe during warm weather:

  • Close windows tightly when you are not with the vehicle – don’t even leave them “cracked.” Don’t leave your car unlocked when going into stores or using ATM’s.
  • Keep your personal belongings, CD’s, cell phones and other valuables out of sight.
  • Close and lock convertible tops.
  • Protect your vehicle from being started by a thief by having a mechanic install a kill-switch in a concealed place in your vehicle.
  • Add a second layer of protection to your vehicle by using a steering wheel locking device, a steering column protector or an alarm with a visible flasher.
  • Consider etching your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) onto the glass surfaces of your vehicle. VIN etching makes vehicles less attractive to thieves because all windows must be replaced before the vehicle can be tagged with a fake VIN and resold.
  • If you know anything about auto theft, report it to your local police department and HEAT’s confidential tip-reward line, 1-800-242-HEAT.

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"I saw you featured on Fox 2 Detroit recently and decided to report some suspicious activities in the park across from my house and the culprits were caught red-handed stealing my neighbor's car the very next week. Thanks for helping to make Michigan a safer place to live! I will be telling all of my friends!"

- Anonymous Tipster

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